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In today’s market, the construction of new capital facilities, fast track schedules added with the enormous pressure from end users and management to improve on the budgeted numbers; the process of designing, delivery and erecting (DDE) of piping tends to fall, more often than not, in the project’s critical path.

Squarely positioned in the center of the DDE are the sub-process necessary to complete the fabrication of erectable section of piping, or pipe spools

Piping budgets in a major project (process) tend to fall between 5%-15% of the overall budget…BUT, the importance (weight given) on the piping, for the completion of the project, tends to be  between 50% - 75%.”

The Cuñado Group has close to 50 years of experience in supplying piping for major projects and we understand the challenges placed on piping supply.  Our Integral Supply System was developed to assist in the “sub-proccess”, and our Goal is to ensure that the piping, and the pipe spooling, stays off the Projects Critical Path altogether.





Goal: To become “an integral partner of the project"


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